Welcome to our New Site!

Welcome to our New Site!

10th June 2019

Well we could not be more delighted to get HerOut.co.uk (home of Her Outdoors) up and running so we can start delivering content, events and inspiration to our friends, followers and fellow female nomads!

So what is "Her Outdoors"

We are a community based brand essentially, we aim to bring women together via activity in the outdoors, experiences and share knowledge. We will be setting up events so we can all meet up and share experiences, as well as providing some more skilled events where we bring in the experts.

We want to celebrate women embracing the outdoor life style and give confidence to others that they can be safe in the wild.

We will be setting up Camp Evenings also!

Is it just for women?

Well, it is and isn't! Yes, we know that equality is amazing and we are not discouraging men from supporting or even coming to mixed events, however, most of our events will primarily be aimed at women and building their confidence in the outdoors so some of these may be women only.

We will host mixed events too, as after all, we have some very supportive men who follow us and we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

Our main aim is a celebration of women in the Outdoor world and their achievements. We aim to highlight this and hopefully inspire more along the way to get involved!

How can I get involved?

We will be starting an Ambassadors programme and selecting some talented people we want to join us to help with events, spreading the word and being generally amazing! More information will be on the site this week about this!

And a little thank you...

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We are looking forward to sharing some experiences with you!


Back Soon

We are currently on hold for new memberships. Check back soon!