COVID 19 Update

4th October 2020

Evening All, and thank you for not only taking the time to read this but for taking part in Her Outdoor Events over the past couple of months. We have been astounded with the response and we will continue to build on this in the future.

However, for now, we are going to have to cancel the events planned for the remainder of the year. This includes the Running club nights and any other wild swim events etc on our events pages. Events are being created and planned for 2021 with an additional investor coming on board and a major sponsorship deal that will allow us to roll out some fantastic sports for women to try. These will include paddle-boarding, climbing, and bouldering and rolling out our camp nights.

OUR AMBASSADORS who come under their own insurance may still continue to promote their events through the site.  We encourage you to contact them if you have any concerns or questions about their events.

We feel we need to explain how this has come about, as it is with a heavy heart we have come to this conclusion.

Following the new restrictions coming into place last week, and various local restrictions varying between the areas we place our events, we have struggled to work out a way we can safely run these events. Registered businesses are allowed to run events for more than 6, with the correct guidelines in place, however, the number of options we were offering made it difficult to get the adequate insurance to facilitate these effectively and safely across the board.

Our decision was further enabled with the self-isolation of Sinead and another of our Ambassadors and facilitators. Both were thankfully negative of COVID and continue to remain well, however, it has made the choice a little easier to postpone events til next year as it highlighted how precarious this situation is. Despite taking all methods of care and precaution, we can still come into unassuming contact with the virus. The sad fact is, we do not know the potential reach of this, trying to navigate through the guidelines itself is confusing and tough, with a lot of areas for interpretation. What has been made clear by two people in our team being affected, is no matter what the guidelines, the virus can be contracted quite easily and affect people’s home life, how they can see family and their livelihoods. So with all the above in mind, we have come to the decision to cancel forthcoming events. We are disappointed, but not losing momentum.

We are going to use the time to expand our online community and to work to bring this to 2 more areas ahead of schedule. As mentioned, we are receiving investment, we have a PR campaign with a video set to roll out and can look forward to kit for the events mentioned above.

What about memberships

We are cancelling all subscriptions and opening membership up for FREE until 2021. We do not want to charge for our online community while we are still building this into something more sustainable. You may receive and email saying your subscription is cancelled. Do not worry, you can still access your online account. Once we are in a position to re-enable subscriptions, we will give you 14 days notice and you are under no obligation to re-subscribe.

Should you have any comments or questions about this, we welcome them. Please email

We want to finally say a huge thank you to each and everyone of our members so far. We arent going anywhere, we are just getting stronger, hopefully in a safe way!

We hope you understand and continue to stick with our concept. we look forward to seeing more and more of you, once we are on the other side of this pandemic.

Thank you so much for reading this and please, stay safe and take care!



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